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I feel thoroughly delighted, extremely proud and distinctly privileged to have been given express permission by the remarkable Scottie Lowe to share with you here on my blog some pictures and posts from her and her company AfroerotiK.

I requested permission to be able to do this because I have long been a fan of AfroerotiK artworks. They are truly so very wonderful. They are warm and sensual and sexy. They are life affirming, sexually positive and dynamic, and richly sensuous and invigorating.

On her site, Scottie Lowe says:
‘I’m the owner of a company called AfroerotiK. I created AfroerotiK to create a shift in the perception of Black sexuality. My objective is to dismantle the negative and stereotypical perceptions about African Americans.’
With thanks and appreciation to Scottie Lowe for enriching our lives, please find below a developing selection from AfroerotiK – 

In Loving Color

To Be Fucked

And what does my black man get for his awakened, enlightened status?


Tom Starling
I'm very excited to be able to say I've been given permission by artist Tom Starling to share with you on this blog some of his truly fantastic artworks. They are so marvelously textural, energetic, inventive, sexy, humorous, engaging, incisive and thought-provoking, I was instantly taken by them, and it is an absolute delight to be able to present these to you.

You can find Tom at Tumblr and Twitter.

And here's a developing selection of his wonderful work -

'Get used to it.'  

“Huh? What was that? What did you say?’

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