Wednesday, 10 August 2016

With You

Waking with you in beautiful serenity
Far away from elsewhere outer-maelstroms,
Your face reminiscent of rose petals
Opening to the light, a dove’s wings
Beckoning flight.
Watching you returning from your dreams,
Yes, truly I can see
Your countenance is lit
From within.

I reach beneath the duvet,
Beneath our joyous waves,
Into the cooling sea-green fathoms
Of butterfly dances
And the arias of the whales,
Where sunlight swerves to genius
And your soul calls to me
Through your flesh,
Morning scaffold to the cosmos.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Historical Spanish erotic art archive

An article at The Creators Project highlights the book Cultures of the Erotic in Spain 1898-1939 (pub. Vanderbilt University Press 2012), in which UCLA professor Maite Zubiaurre has compiled a fascinating glimpse into the erotic culture of Spain at the turn of the twentieth century and into the early 1900s.
The book has an accompanying website which contains, amongst other items of interest, a gallery of some of the images Maite Zubiaurre has unearthed through her painstaking research.

Whilst Zubiaurre’s sicalipsis project is essentially historical and academic in character, it nevertheless yields aesthetic enjoyment too, and it is certainly worth viewing for the sake of the strength of some of the artistic creativity in evidence as well as for the delightfully erotic content. Being a very varied collection, there are there a handful of pictures I personally do not care for at all, but most are delightful, and some are simply exquisite.

A few of my gallery favourites - 


Friday, 5 February 2016

You and I

You are chestnut but amethyst,
I am coral but turquoise.

You are woman but sparrowhawk,
I am man but antelope.

You are seething but free,
I am fickle but true.

You are painter but dancer,
I am writer but sculptor.

You are fierce but rainbow,
I am solace but bronze.

You are melancholy but sunflower,
I am reticent but lagoon.

You are tidy but everywhere, 
I am nowhere but here.